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Mission StatemenT

Gary Koenitzer, has over 25 years of experience as a full time artist. His influences have remained very present tense as he is inspired by the newest innovations in art materials and related artistic software. He is vastly experimental and uses a multitude of mediums too long to mention. His most used mediums are large format on canvas with a vast array of mix media, digital art, and photography. His digital world includes lenticular mediums with moving images. He also produces short films with original music he wrote. He is completely self taught in all mediums and musical creations as well. His first adventures in presenting his work started in the streets of Philadelphia. He was a major participant of the Philadelphia First Friday events in his early years. From there he was quickly recognized and exhibited at the greatest galleries and venues in Philadelphia and Manhattan such as DaVinci Art, James Oliver, Muse, F.U.E.L, Kimmel Center, AIGA, Space Gallery, Ceres Gallery, APW gallery, Washington Square, Crane Arts, and Art Space to name a few. He also entered countless art events, fairs and art competitions winning over 20 awards.  He was also published in Philadelphia Stories, the Philadelphia Inquirer as well as chosen for the cover of a top selling book “Mad to Live”. From there he moved into the NYC art scene which included a major art event using the digital screens of NYC’s time square,  a solo show titled “Recursion” in the lower east side’s Art Space Gallery. He currently has been presented at multiple exhibitions right up to December 2022 at Ceres gallery in the heart of the Chelsea section of Manhattan. Against tradition he expresses his art using many different styles he invented. He believes to limit one’s art to one technique does not remotely reflect life nor fantasy. His inspiration is inspired by the vast expansive variety of both living forms of life and the physical inanimate forms of this world as well. This one style thing greatly limits infinite possibilities. His work is a reflection of many abstractions and ideas rather than to repeat just one!  The planet itself is also a vast diversity of forms and visual spectacles and he often interprets this as well . He is constantly inventing his own innovations and experimentations. You might say he has started a new movement in art which allows complete freedom to use any style and expression. He sees this as a future paradigm shift for all artists. He would call it the “Expansive Movement.” 

Gary is also a very active art collector. He has the same amount of passion for collecting art from other artists as he has to create his own art. He also paints both living and past artists as one of his unique series of works he calls “Artist as Art”. This series includes many very famous artists and many artists not so famous as well.  And his definition of an “artist” includes musicians, writers, filmmakers, actors, photographers, dancers, models, architects or any one that brings anything new and unique into this world from their minds or their hands.