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Mission StatemenT

Around the age of twelve I made my first assessment of the human condition. I saw the entire globe as a prolific diverse terrain.  I saw the planet’s surface as a vast variety of mountains, rivers, oceans, volcanos, deserts, forests, jungles  and an endless supply of other unique terrains. And that a vast variety of living things other than humans lived on that terrain with us.  There was also a vast variety of land, ocean, and air creatures which seemed endless. This pattern of prolific variety ultimately is also true for living life forms such as animals, plants, insects and even micro organisms. Even the atmosphere and climate conditions varied prolifically. Yet the planet itself was one single world spinning in space.  It ends with its last bit of oxygen before space. Yet space exploration revealed that the number of planets and other solar systems seem endless or not yet countable. There is a case that the world that we are born into never really ends.  Even though we think life ends. Yet there is a scientific case to suggest life does not end but rather transitions into another dimension.  With the above learned by age twelve it was easy for me to know how very little any other human knew about this world. But it was obvious for me what was most amazing about life itself. 

Shortly after being born we all become fascinated and entertained by the vast spectacle of creation we had become part of.  It was also obvious that human life was dramatically different from animal life or all other life forms. We could think in real and abstract methods. We could invent and create. It would be this that separated us from all other forms of life, such that animals leave behind only fossils of their bones; while humans leave behind those things they create. And that amazing inspiring gift is my inspiration.